The Group

Two brands with solid roots. Continuously looking towards the future. Fifty years of success and a unique, ongoing passion for creating unparalleled gems destined for seas all over the world. Innovative projects have made a lasting impression on the international yachting scene. Increasingly challenging and ambitious goals with a sole mission: cultivate and develop emotion.

A visionary Group

The boutique of excellence

Next Yacht Group is the owner of the historic Maiora and AB Yachts brands. Maiora’s current range offers flybridges from 30 to 50 metres in length and represents the pure pleasure of life on board: luminosity, impressive volumes, fluid spaces, innovative solutions, and the sporty thrill of different propulsion choices for a unique experience at sea. And AB Yachts offer the fastest water-jet propelled vessels, from 80 to 166 feet, a sector in which Next Yacht Group is the market leader. Here, sportsmanship reigns supreme without ever compromising comfort and style. Next Yacht Group strives to continue to be boutique in the nautical world.

Our vision

A new interpretation of a luxury lifestyle

Next Yacht Group is an essential part of a broader strategic investment project in the luxury hospitality sector from GB Invest Holding AG, a world leader in IT, the application potentials of artificial intelligence, and an active player in real estate. This endeavour includes hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, beach clubs, exclusive nightlife locales, luxury real estate, and personalised hospitality. Next Yacht Group has gained strength from this membership and aspires to showcase 50 years of its brands’ history, looking towards the future and moving beyond convention to offer a new dimension of excellence and its very own interpretation of a luxury lifestyle. Designed to thrill, every time.

The intersection of people, ideas, and a passion for the sea: our strategy

Performance, comfort, excitement: our mission