A season filled with launches & deliveries

Traditionally, in the boating industry, the beginning of the summer follows a winter of painstaking work and is a time of new yachts hitting the water and being delivered to their Owners. MAIORA and AB YACHTS are no exception, scoring this year an impressive 7 units in just two months!


As regards MAIORA, the Group's brand of comfortable, large-volume flybridge yachts, two 30-metre models - a Maiora 30 Walkaround and a Maiora 30 Convertible - are already cruising the seas. The latter will be on display at the next Cannes boat show. Another Maiora 30 Walkaround is also going to be launched over the next few weeks, and will then make her international debut at the autumn boat shows.


With her 30.5 m (100 ft.) length and 7.5 m (24"7' ft.) width, the Maiora 30 - both in the "walkaround" version, with totally open fly, and in the "convertible" one, with an enclosed and air-conditioned Sky Lounge (which can however be opened if needed), - offers her Owner and his guests extremely functional and flexible exterior and interior spaces - 30 meters of pure elegance, comfort, technology, and impressive volumes for a boat in her class.


AB YACHTS, who manufactures the fastest water-jet propulsion boats, is by no means outdone: a special, entirely custom-made 24-metre project has just been delivered, while an AB 142 (42.24 m), launched a few weeks ago, is about to leave the dock.

The AB 100 SUPERFAST (30.5 m), in turn, was launched Saturday morning. This vessel is truly unique in her class, being capable - thanks to the new propulsion system installed onboard - of reaching a maximum speed of 60 knots while ensuring unparalleled comfort, safety and seaworthiness, as well as incredible noiselessness. Boasting high performances and cutting-edge technological innovation, she is undoubtedly bound to become a new undisputed benchmark for the market. The AB 100 SUPERFAST will be presented as a world premiere at the forthcoming boat shows.

Another AB 100 vessel will hit the water by the end of August.


All these yachts are entirely custom-made projects, with each unit differing from the previous one not only by virtue of a bespoke layout and décor, but also in terms of innovation and original, advanced technical solutions - all features that reflect the Group's long-standing unrivalled experience, construction skills, innovative spirit, and passion.


The international boat shows of Cannes (7/12 September), Genoa (16/21 September) and Monaco (22/25 September) will offer the perfect settings to admire the models that have recently joined MAIORA's and AB YACHTS's fleets.