Next Yacht Group: leaders in emotions

NEXT Yacht Group, with its renowned brand AB Yachts, confirms its world leadership in the segment of high-performance, high-efficiency luxury yachts.

Building on several international acknowledgements and the success of the new AB 100 Superfast at recent boat shows, two more units in the AB 100 range were sold, both to European Owners, over the last two months, with delivery scheduled for June 2022 and March 2023, respectively.
These two versions show once more how easily this model can be customised to the Owner's taste, offering an original 'open-roof' configuration of the salon, a technologically advanced handling and storage system for water toys, tenders and jet-skis, and incredibly functional and versatile outdoors areas that guests can enjoy and arrange at their discretion to reflect their own unique lifestyle. All of the above, in keeping with the Group's tradition, in addition to fully-custom interiors.

Recent sales also include that of a brand-new model, the first AB 120 Beach, sold on the American market and bound to hit the water at the end of the year.
The most distinctive feature on this new model is the innovative multipurpose stern area, which includes a large cockpit, a hot-tub accommodating 4-5 adults, a fully equipped beach area just waiting to be enjoyed, foldable terraces allowing to extend the lounge areas up to just a few centimetres above sea level - all in all, 50 square metres delivering an unparalleled sea life experience and unlimited fun, and a double garage to store the tender and countless water toys. Also deserving of mention is the exclusive moon theatre on the sport fly, to experience the thrill and emotions of a good movie in the open sea, under a sky full of stars.

High performances - reaching almost 60 knots in the superlative 100 Superfast version - are the real DNA of the brand and a hallmark of all AB Yachts models, without the slightest detriment to comfort, volumes, hand crafted luxury finishes, and maximum safety.

With its thirty years of experience, today, AB Yachts is the one and only option on the market for Owners wishing to enjoy a jewel of unparalleled beauty and stand out from the crowd, while also safely enjoying the pure adrenaline of top performances...But also to reach more destinations in less time: so, for instance, one can cruise from Portofino to Saint Tropez in just a couple of hours, from Miami to Cat Cays, Bahamas, in 45 minutes, or from New York to the Hamptons in less than two hours.

A sporty character, but with a strong focus on onboard lifestyle and comfort. In the words of Next Yacht Group's CEO Gennaro Candida De Matteo, “there is a large segment of true sea enthusiasts who recognise our brand and our yachts for their unparalleled speed and manoeuvrability; their extremely limited draught, allowing to cruise almost everywhere; the possibility to enjoy pleasant, vibration-free cruises; incredible brightness and unparalleled onboard liveability; and innovative solutions to enjoy the sea at best - not to mention the top-quality and exclusivity of décor and finishes. These are no "toys", but sophisticated, emotional tools".

Behind this all, stands AB Yachts' tradition - a perfect combination of design, construction techniques that draw inspiration from the aerospace sector, cutting-edge technological solutions for propulsion, stabilisation, and trim control, and a strong focus on the passion and expectations of the Owners, be they long-standing clients or at their first experience with AB Yachts.
“Our new product range - adds Candida De Matteo - is attracting widespread interest, and these recent sales reward our efforts. We will keep growing in both size and functionality, relying on our proven technical solutions while also constantly pursuing new ambitious goals: superlative performances, but also an increasing focus on lifestyle, on delivering an onboard multi-sensory experience, on simple and yet functional solutions, and on environmental sustainability, by starting to embed it into onboard relaxation and convivial areas".

With Next Yacht Group's sights set on the future, its new strategic era is already reaping important rewards.